Supplier Edit - How to choose your wedding venue

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

One of the first and the biggest things to tick off your wedding checklist is the venue and this should be at the top of any newly engaged couple's list. With the venue booked, everything else can fall into place and so this is the big decision you really need to get right!

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It's not easy choosing a place that you will remember for the rest of your life. Do you choose a venue that is sentimental, local, aspirational or just 'you'. Does the venue of your dreams fit your budget and if not, are you willing to compromise? There are just so many decisions to be made and at such an early stage this can make the whole wedding planning process seem incredibly daunting!

There are many considerations to factor in when booking your venue and it is easy to fall in love without checking the venue can cater to your requirements. So the big question is- how do you choose a wedding venue?

Follow these steps to help you to choose the perfect venue

Narrowing down the search

Just like your husband to be or your wedding dress, it is often said that when you find the one, you'll just know it! But there are still some very important criteria that you must keep in mind when looking around venues.


The first step to narrowing down your choice of wedding venue is deciding on the size of the guest list. A Venue too small can feel stuffy and overcrowded, but too big and guests will feel lost in the space. Make a rough guest list so you can immediately get rid of options that are too small or big. While nearly every venue will have a guest count maximum you should also to check to see if they have a minimum. Determine a rough number of guests before drawing up a list of potential venues.

Location, location, location

Where will your guests be coming from? If they are not local, choosing a venue that has accommodation on site or hotels close by is preferable. Are you planning to have the ceremony in your local church? Then how long will it take you and your guests to get to the reception and how will they travel? If your ceremony is in a place of worship or city, Is there nearby parking?